The Ages' front man as we all know is the unpredictable Micha van Dam. Born in his hometown Amsterdam in 1968 he formed his first band during the Summer of Love. The rest is history.

Micha van Dam is an obsessed madman, who's been completely into music ever since as an eight year old he heard The Beatles' red double LP. But even before that beneficial experience he's been found humming three part canons, of which he miraculously sang all three parts simultaneously.

It was on a Wednesday afternoon in the spring of 1966, while listening to A Day in the Life, that Micha's third ear appeared on the crest of his skull.

Since in 1986 medical examination for military service showed that he was deaf, Van Dam's got the Blues.

In 1987 Mister Van Dam entered university to teach professors how to learn to become students, from which in 1995 he was expelled because of behaviour.

After The Ages recorded their first digital recording in 2001, they never stopped recording digital recordings ever since afterwards.

Now for the first time, after ages of longing, listening, inventing, conceiving, moulding, shaping, thinking, adding, structuring, finishing, reworking, searching, rehearsing, paying, recording, paying, mixing, re-mixing, re-mixing, paying and burning, you can hear music of The Ages!