Mission Statement

The Ages care about creativity. We are less concerned with over-valued virtues like 'Hipness', 'Spontaneity', 'Street Credibility' and 'Giving Voice to a Generation' or shadowy notions like 'Relevance', 'Honest Sweat' and 'The Need to Innovate'. We like tunes.

It's understood that a good pop song should contain some sincerity, but we endorse the view that this is merely a prerequisite and certainly not the foremost criterion for greatness. Farting is sincere too. What really makes a song worth listening too, however, is its melody, which rapidly works its way through the auditory canal to hook itself onto the brain in order to come into play at any convenient (and inconvenient) moment and from there manipulate the emotions.

Of course the sound of our music manipulates the emotions as well, but to rely only upon production would be too easy for us. If pop music sounds a certain way - happy or sad, for instance - without having any deeper musical quality than this surface of sentiments, the listener won't be satisfied for very long. We believe that a somewhat new, balanced combination of melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, meter, rhyme, etcetera - in short: variety, is the best medicine against boredom.

Inventive songs are catchy not by means of insipid repetition, but through the intelligent application of musical and linguistic devices. Why continue listening to something when it's clear within thirty seconds? What's fun for a minute becomes a bore in four! Our opinion is that the unexpected is always surprising. Still, we strongly think that a tune shouldn't be completely weird. The best melodies seem to have always been there, yet they are fresh.