Praise from the press

'The Ages are the best thing since The Undertones.'

- David Heel

'Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!'

- Who maintained that again?

'It's a miracle'

- Brian May

'Alright now!'

- Paul Rodgers

'It was worth waiting for The Ages'

- Time

'Shit music'

- Het Pariool

'The Ages pack an enormous emotional wallop.'

- Time In

'This debut suggests the emergence of a major talent'

- Rolling Bone Magazine

'It's like John meets Paul meet George meet Ringo.'

- The Bakershield Californian

'Although it is twenty years since Mr. Van Dam created these songs, his debut has been worth the delay.'

- Mayo

'An almost unbearable, tumultuous, blood-pounding experience.'

- The Washington Host

'The singer retains a place in an extremely select group; that composed of the few genuinely indispensable musicians.'

- A

'A brilliant collection that combines laughter and tears, love and sex - and real human emotions.'


'Songs full of hard-earned wisdom... Complex... An essential purchase.'

- Obsurfer


- George Michael

'Dynamic songs.'

- Some Times

'The Beginning is a very unusual masterpiece. Everything about it is extraordinary. Not only is it impossible to stop listening, it also makes one think. The songs arouse all the emotions, such as pity and terror, and also a complex mixture of admiration, despair and delight at hearing a luminous intelligence directed at the heart of darkness.'

- The Old Yorker


- Thursday Telegraph

'It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of this record.'

- Dependent

'Simply the best!'

- Tina Turner

'Micha van Dam is a classic songwriter, offering in measured tones the almost unbelievable.'

- Financial Crimes

'I can't get it out of my head.'

- K. Minogue

'Irresistible... I was gripped by this CD to the end.'

- The Guardian Angel

'Warm, subtle, and always highly listenable.'

- Gutter Player

'Happy, clever and rich music.'

- Melody Baker

'Finally is set to become a unique popular classic.'

- New Sounds

'This music might not be unique, but surely is original. Each song contains certain qualities that grab the attention. Be it a catchy tune or a climatic chord progression; an unexpected rhythmical change or a play on words: there's always a little surprise in the can. The Ages write songs with momentum and a hook.'

- Prof. Dr. Ir. P. Akkermans